Milestone Partner

Automatikk-Service AS er sertifisert Milestonepartner og leverer kameraovervåkning og tilhørende utstyr med programvare fra verdensledende Milestone Systems. Milestone tilbyr programvare som passer til alle typer bygg og installasjoner og kan skaleres akkurat slik kunden ønsker det.

Vi har erfaring fra store og små installasjoner i alt fra skoler, kirkebygg og borettslag til kjøpesentere og sykehus.

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Advanced surveillance solutions

XProtect® Corporate

Designed for large, high-security installations distributed across multiple locations.

XProtect Corporate is powerful open platform IP VMS that has a central management interface. It has efficient system administration, including all cameras and security devices, regardless of its size or if it is distributed across multiple sites. XProtect Corporate is ideal for systems demanding supreme situational awareness and precise response to incidents. It also provides ultimate system reliability for high-security installations.

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XProtect® Expert

Software ideal for medium and large installations that require central management.

XProtect Expert is advanced open platform IP VMS that has a central management interface, which allows large systems with multiple Recording Servers to be efficiently managed as one uniform system. XProtect Expert provides situational awareness across multiple locations. Ideal for daily users and operators who want sophisticated live monitoring, XProtect Expert has efficient alarm handling and the ability to flag suspicious incidents for later review.

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Medium to large surveillance solutions

XProtect® Enterprise

Suitable for medium and large, multi-location installations that need easy system scalability.

XProtect Enterprise is efficient open platform IP VMS that has features to help operators view multi-site locations with an unlimited number of cameras. Users can quickly react to incidents and efficiently export video. The software provides exceptional situational awareness with multi-layered interactive maps, sophisticated alarm handling and a unique Camera Navigator for tracking moving objects.

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XProtect® Professional

Perfect for mid-size businesses that want a complete graphical overview of the installation.

XProtect Professional is comprehensive open platform VMS that offers users a complete visual overview of their surveillance installation with interactive maps revealing camera locations. Alarms displayed directly in the maps make it easy to quickly identify and address incidents throughout the entire system. If an incident occurs, efficient video search tools enable users to easily find relevant video clips and export evidence.

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Basic to small surveillance solutions

XProtect® Express

Cost-effective software for small businesses that require video analytics.

XProtect Express is easy and affordable open platform VMS for companies that need to integrate third-party applications, such as analytics and access control systems, directly into the software creating a solution with increased functionality and one common interface. With efficient video search tools and multiple export options, users can quickly gather evidence when necessary.

Learn more about XProtect Express.

XProtect® Essential

Entry-level software for small companies that require basic, yet effective functionality.

XProtect Essential is easy and affordable open platform VMS that is ideal for businesses that primarily capture video recordings of incidents and reactively conduct investigations. XProtect Essential is an entry-level product that allows users to effortlessly add cameras and quickly identify video sequences with easy-to-use search tools.

Learn more about XProtect Essential.

Free version of XProtect software

XProtect® Go

A free version of XProtect software designed for video surveillance for small businesses.

XProtect Go is a free version of the market-leading Milestone XProtect VMS. With a wide set of easy-to-use features, XProtect Go enables users to explore Milestone XProtect software and discover the true benefits of IP video and the Milestone open platform. Seamless upgrade possibilities to the full-featured XProtect product line make XProtect Go a risk-free entry into a reliable and secure IP video surveillance solution.